Welcome to Tempest Freerunning Academy!

Thank you for your interest in our freerunning classes. We’re stoked you found us! If you’ve never taken a class with us, or if you’re wondering how to use your school funds to pay for parkour classes, we are here to help you with that process.  

Before you request funds from your school, take a minute to fill out our online waiver to create a profile in our system. (We will use this profile to reserve classes and apply your school funds to your student’s classes).

Click here to fill out the waiver now. (Make sure you select the appropriate location, as each academy has its own waiver).

If you’ve never taken a class with us before, give us a call to schedule your FREE trial! You can find our schedules and contact information for each location by clicking on the Locations/Schedule tab above.

Homeschool Rates:

In order to comply with vendor policies for all of our charter schools, we have to charge on a per-class basis. If you will be paying with purchase orders, please refer to the rates below rather than our advertised membership pricing.

No Registration Fee

$30/class occasional drop in

$25/class for 1 class/week membership

$20/class for 2 classes/week membership

Obtaining Your Purchase Orders:

Before requesting your PO from your school, please check with us so we can make sure there is room in the class(es) that you are interested in. Using the dates you’ve selected for classes, you can determine the total cost to request for your PO.

Please make sure your Purchase Orders include the following details:

  • The dates your PO will cover

  • The amount of classes your child plans on taking each week

  • The price per class

  • The total price of the purchase order

POs can be redeemed for any duration of time allowed by your school.

We do not accept POs for Open Gym.

Redeeming Your Purchase Orders:

When redeeming a new Purchase Order, please email or bring a printed copy with you to present to our front desk staff. When you redeem a purchase order, your child’s spot will immediately be reserved in ALL of the classes covered by the PO. See the following list of email addresses for where to send your PO:

Tempest Academy Valley (Chatsworth, CA) - homeschool@tempestfreerunning.com

Tempest Academy South Bay (Hawthorne, CA) - homeschoolsb@tempestfreerunning.com

Tempest Academy North County (Vitsa, CA) - homeschoolnc@tempestfreerunning.com

Attendance and Makeups:

As previously mentioned, your child’s spot in class is reserved and guaranteed when you redeem your purchase order.  Due to high demand for classes we must charge for “no-shows.” However, we gladly offer makeup classes to allow for some wiggle room when unexpected circumstances arise. (One makeup per month for students taking one class per week, and two makeups per month for students taking two classes per week). If you know you will not make it to class, please call ahead to let us know so that we can open up that spot and schedule your makeup.

Please contact us if you have any other questions about our classes or homeschool program. We hope to see you in class soon!