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Welcome to Tempest Freerunning Academy! We are so stoked to have you join our TMPST family and want to thank you for supporting the Parkour and Freerunning community that Tempest has helped shape since the inception of our company in 2007.  From our Pro Team winning national and international competitions, to performing stunts in some of Hollywood biggest blockbuster films, Tempest has helped the sport gain notoriety and grow into what it is today. Our company is fully dedicated to the continued growth and development of  Freerunning culture and you've come to the perfect place to get started!

It is our belief that Parkour is one of the most beneficial sports anyone can learn. Our sport teaches you how to move through your environment with power, speed, style and creativity. Parkour has a wide range of skills & techniques that not only keep the sport fun and challenging, but also build confidence, agility, strength, balance, and air awareness.  So basically, if you love to move you came to the right place. Besides helping you become the next American Ninja Warrior or real life Super Hero, what also makes parkour so beneficial is that it lays the athletic building blocks for nearly all other competitive sports. From running, jumping, bounding, swinging, vaulting, climbing, and doing plyometrics drills, your upper and lower body will be pushed to its limits in every class.
So tie your laces, grab your bandaids and kiss your momma goodbye, because the dope shit your about to learn ain’t easy, but we promise it’s worth every drop of the blood, sweat and tears that you put into it. Welcome to Tempest Freerunning Academy. Your journey begins now.


By the time we opened our first academy in 2011, Tempest Freerunning already had a major impact in the Parkour and Freerunning World. From inventing new Freerunning moves such as the Dash-Bomb and the Raiden, changing the game with viral videos such as “ I Freerun LA,” and winning international competitions like The Red Bull Art of Motion, we've collected an invaluable amount of experience that we are passionate about sharing with you. All of that is what goes into the design of our Academies and more importantly guided the creation of our Tempest Freerunning Academy curriculum.
The TFA curriculum was designed to be able to produce Pro level Freerunning athletes who could compete and win at international competitions. By reaching the "Goldfish Gangsta" level and graduating from our academy, we know you can do just that! But if your asking yourself "What if I don't want to go Pro?," you've still come to the right place! We recognize that Parkour should be for everyone— not just the pros! That’s why we created a band system with different levels that will track your progress while guiding you toward your personal Parkour ambitions. So if your Tru freedom is to gain some skillz & post some cool clips on social media, we got you.  If you are inspired and passionate about moving in ways you thought were impossible. Let’s turn you into a super hero! If you saw a Tempest vid and all you wanna do is become a Professional Freerunner, we WILL help you accomplish that, but bring a straw because there will be days when you will have to suck it up!

The Band System

The Band System is made up of 8 colored bands designed to get you from Noob level to a Pro Freerunner! The first few band levels emphasize Parkour skills specifically taught to prepare you as you reach the more difficult bands levels that include some next level Freerunning skills. You've already got the ability to run, jump and climb we can easily build a solid Parkour foundation on top of these natural abilities. We'll improve upon those while teaching you some important techniques that will remain valuable throughout your training and by the time you get to the higher bands, we believe you'll have the strength and physical coordination to pull off the most stylish tricks in Freerunning.

Testing happens every 10 weeks for the beginner classes and the amount of weeks between tests increase for the higher band levels. There are 20-25 skills for each band level that you must demonstrate with proper understanding, technique, and control. Most important is that you have the ability to execute the skill in a safe manner. Don’t worry if you miss a testing session you can schedule a private testing for $50.

If you want to get good and move up thru the bands quickly you need to train hard and put in the work. We highly recommend coming to open gym sessions to practice what you learned in class that week and work on more complicated skills at your own pace or with a friend.  

We created the Tempest Freerunning Academies to provide an inspiring first step into the TMPST world, where you will find Trü Freedom Thrü Movement.

Grow with us.

Makeup Policy
You are allowed one makeup class per billing period, makeup classes will not roll over to the following month.

If you need to cancel your membership for any reason we must receive notice in writing 48hrs prior to your billing date. Sorry No Refunds

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